5 Deer Hunting Tips

marsh land camo

deer hunting by bow

Archery Lesson

We hunt whitetail deer and blacktail deer. My experience is mostly with the whitetail deer because I’m in the Northeast part of the country. And white tail deer a very elusive and very skittish and very tuned into the human being. So to be a whitetail deer hunter takes a lot of preparation.

First of all, you have to know how to conceal yourself in the woods with the use of camo. I mean even the bow itself is camouflage. The camouflage clothing that you are going to use must be the same camouflage as the environment that you’re going into. If you are going into marshland for the hunt, you have the camo that matches the marsh.

marsh land camo

Pine Forest you have to wear camo that matches the pine. Otherwise, the deer actually can distinguish something that’s out of place. They are very very smart animals. Also, they have a great sense of smell. They can actually smell you from sometimes miles away.


So you want to know what to use in order to conceal the smell of the human being. Another thing is you want to be able to lure the animal enclose to you. Remember the closer you are to take your shot the better chances you have of success. So you have to keep deer lures they smells that the deer would be familiar with. Obviously, the deer communicate with each other, and they communicate with each other Believe It or Not only with this sounds but with their urine. Urine is a tremendous smell that tells the deer a lot especially during bow hunting season. So you have to determine is what kind of lure that you want to use in order to attract the deer to you and near to you.

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