3 Instagram Hacks That You don’t Even Know

Do you know these 3 Instagram hacks? If you don’t know, then I will say you have missed a lot of fun stuff on the Instagram. Today I am going to give you walk through from these 3 Instagram hacks. Just use these hacks and gain more fun, followers.

Hack 1 – Aspect Ratio

A lot of people don’t even know about this that Instagram has its own aspect kind of thing built into it. So basically it only works on Square photos but go to your blue button, pick a square photo to go to the next and then go to the tool to adjust and I am again saying is it only works on Square photos, and then you see 3 things that work on all photos.

I’m pretty sure and then to the right and left there’s aspec so you press to write one a distorted and makes it go right or left and this one I think goes up or down. So yeah that’s a pretty cool tool to use if you want to use a third-party app again but does it only work on Square photos. But yet look how cool it makes him it’s pretty cool so the

2nd Hack – Get Instagram followers

This hack I discovered back in the start of 2017 When my friend and I was searching for something, and I found this opportunity to gain Instagram followers with no much work. I remember that was the 3rd party company seoscholor which was selling Instagram followers. So if you want to gain your followers like the skyrocket, then I will recommend you to buy Instagram followers from them.

3rd Hack – Post Notifications

Post notifications is a super useful for the account. That you like and you wanted like see whenever they post at a certain time, and I’ll go straight to your phone and lock screen. I’m pretty sure so let me show you how to do this. So I’m going to go to my new community which I am running with my friend from England and then click on the top right and turn on. Actually, I already have a turn on when you press like down there turn on notification about just do another one because I actually do want to see when they post.


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